How to Spot a Fake Orgasm?


Faking an orgasm should be a crime punishable by law. When we fake orgasms as women, we indirectly give men the notion that they are doing a good job sexually when in reality we are not satisfied with their performance.

So many men out there boast of their prowess when it comes to jackhammering women in missionary positions and having them reach orgasm in no time.

Do you want to know The truth? Those men don’t know how to do jack and their ex’s were terrible liars. It is not completely true however that all women fake orgasms, some women do not have the ability to reach the big “O” and it is in no way their fault.

But there are ways even women like this can reach orgasm or something close but it going to take an experience beyond penetrative sex alone to get them there.

Direct clitoral stimulation is the magic word for most women and you know what that means “EAT THAT VAGINA” yes! You need to take your mouth down there and do some work.

But of course, some men are Squeamish when it comes to the issue of performing oral sex on a woman. If you are with a man who finds having sex with you pleasurable but thinks you are too dirty down there for him to eat, then you might have to reconsider that relationship.

As a sexually active male, chances are, half of the women you have had sex with have faked an orgasm with you. But it’s alright. I have a plan that works and I’m about to share it with you.

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These six tips coming up are going to help you easily spot a fake orgasm and also know when a lady has reached orgasm but just doesn’t want to say.

Yes, there are times we just want you to feel like you haven’t done enough when in reality, we have had more than enough.

She “comes” after you ask a few times if she has

The worst thing you can do to a lady who is enjoying sex with you is to ask her to come or ask her if she has come. There is no rushing her to the finish line; that trick never works on any lady.

So if after you have worked your ass out or you think you have done enough to make her come and you ask that question she moans and says “yes”, you have just been indirectly told to shut the fuck up.

No foreplay

There is no reason why you shouldn’t start with foreplay if you have been seeing each other. Unless of course you are in a hurry or it’s paid sex. Make sure to enjoy yourself and have as much fun as possible, eat her out, have a 69, and if possible use sex toys to spice up every experience.

Make sure that you bear in mind that the penis in the vagina thing is just a part of sex and not the whole thing.

If there was no foreplay and she claims to have an orgasm, that’s a sign that she is trying not to hurt your feelings or she just wants you to feel like a man.

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There are no contraction

When ladies experience an orgasm, you can mostly feel the vagina gripping your penis and beating like a heart. If she tells you she is coming and you do not feel that, you know she isn’t saying the truth about what’s going on down there.

Do not focus on thrusting in and out without trying to rub on the clitoris while you are at it. Some women might squirt when they have reached their climax but don’t expect every woman to be a squirter.

Recovery time

There’s always a need for a recovery time after orgasm. Most women tend to feel weak and tired after they “come”, they become unnecessarily extra nice to you, and sometimes they don’t even want to talk because they feel sleepy.

If she doesn’t act like she wants to remain in bed after sex, or she isn’t thirsty or extra nice to you, she hasn’t reached orgasm. Sorry to burst your bubble.

She starts suggesting spicing up the sex

When you feel like you have been doing things right all these years and all of a sudden she starts talking about how she wants more from sex. It only means that she has been faking orgasms all along and wants to experience the real thing.

What you should do in such a case is to ask her what ideas she has and try to work as a team to learn and try out other ideas that might be helpful. Also, try not to keep your sex basic and routine. Try out new positions and explore sexual fantasies.

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It is different than her previous orgasms

Women fake orgasms for various reasons and those reasons are mostly selfless so you can’t really blame them.

If you have experienced several of her fake orgasms and then one day you try something new in bed like oral sex and she can’t hold back moaning and arching her back ( which has to be dramatic and have her screaming holy shit!) you should jump and touch the ceiling because you just scored a real-life orgasm.

So now it’s goodbye to those fake “oh baby I just came” and welcome to “Fuck yea! That’s it, that’s it, that it”. If you still don’t know how to spot a fake orgasm after reading this, you just might never figure out how to spot a real one.

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