Botox Treatment

How Botox Treatment Ruins Your Sex Life?

Women always look and feel more attractive when they undergo botox treatments but they might be unaware of the serious disadvantage of this treatment in the bedroom.

While using treatments to hide all those wrinkles and smoothen your skin, you increase your chances of losing your orgasm face in the bedroom.

What Is Botox and What Does It Do To Your Body?

Botox is a drug prepared from botulin that is used cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralysing the facial muscles. Botox is also used medically to treat muscular conditions.

What the botox injection do is to block the signal from the nerves to the muscles so that the injected muscle can no longer contract, and cause the wrinkles to relax and soften.

But as the injection paralyses the nerves in the face it also makes it hard to produce some facial expressions making you lose your orgasm face.

This is because the muscles that are being paralysed cosmetically are the same muscles associated to sexual excitement and orgasm. Remember that facial expressions communicate pleasure to your partner.

This claim is supported by researchers at Cardiff University who followed a small sample of 24 women who had had Botox (they were tested before and after treatment), and then compared them with 12 women who had had non-muscle restricting facial procedures, such as skin peels.

The women who had botox on frown lines revealed reduce sexual satisfaction. “This finding demonstrates the importance of facial expressions during sexual intercourse,” said the researchers, “The results suggest that the facial expressions do not occur simply to communicate pleasure to a partner but they are an integral part of the feeling of pleasure and are important in the process of achieving orgasm,” the researchers continued.

“”This demonstrates an important role for facial feedback within sexual intercourse and it is potentially a previously unimagined significant negative impact from cosmetic [Botox] treatments.” They added

Botox treatment on laughter lines can also lead to increased depression. “The current results add to our knowledge of the psychological effects of injections of powerful neurotoxins and broaden the scope of the embodiment of emotions,” the researchers said.

Some side effects of botox also include; Rashes, itching, muscle stiffness, difficulty swallowing, back pain, shortness of breath etc.

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