5 Healthy Ways to Address Poor Sexual Performance

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Poor sexual performance is a broad topic that can mean different things depending on one’s opinions. However, you are considered to have poor sexual performance if you are unable to give a woman an orgasm.

If you have problems getting or sustaining an erection, or if you climax too fast (premature ejaculation). Also ignoring foreplay and being too uptight that the experience becomes less sensual can also be considered a performance problem.

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How poor sexual performance is manifested

Sex takes part in a few phases including the stimulation phase, the plateau phase, followed by the climaxing phase, and then finally the resolution phase.

Usually, poor sexual performance is noted mostly within the first three phases and might exist in the form of low libido, premature ejaculation, the inability to achieve an orgasm, lack of lubrication in women that hinders enjoyable sex, and sometimes painful sex.

If you are having any challenge that is taking away the ability to satisfy your partner, as a man you should consider these 5 remedies.

1. Counseling and sex therapy

One of the likely causes of poor sexual performance is psychological issues, which require therapy. An expert can be assuring and some of them go to the extent of giving you handy sex tips. Some of the ideas you could borrow from a therapy session include foreplay tips, sexual tips, communication, and relaxation tips.

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2. Lifestyle changes – self-care

Your body is a system and this means your ability to perform well during sex is tied on your overall health. Lifestyle changes could help to eliminate bad sexual performance.

Some of the changes you could make that will have an impact include quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, embracing daily exercise, and learning how to perform Kegel exercises.

Also, get rid of unhealthy foods and consider taking foods known for improving your sexual performance like nuts, avocados, oily fish, yogurt, and lean meat.

3. Sexual enhancement supplements

There is a wide variety of health supplements you could start using to pump up your sex drive and stamina. One that has been recommended by different experts is Sildenafil (Viagra), which when used well could help you boost performance during sex.

Strong Health prescribes Sildenafil Online, so you can order directly without having to look for it at a shop. This is one of the best remedies if you want a quick solution for poor sexual performance.

4. Pelvic floor training

Exercises that help your pelvic floor like kegel are also important. Kegel is recommended as it helps to boost sexual health.

The exercise involves contracting and releasing your pelvic muscles, and this helps to boost blood flow around this area and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles.

A lot of the dysfunction experienced by men stems from weaknesses in these muscles, so it’s important to keep them healthy.

5. Lose weight

Obesity can also be the reason you cannot satisfy your partner during sex. This is because it comes with a host of complications that affect sexual performance.

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Someone who is overweight tends to get tired quickly, and such a person also suffers from poor blood circulation. If you are overweight with erectile dysfunction, you should probably start working out to get back in shape.

Being overweight has also been linked to increased risk of getting diseases like diabetes, which also affect sexual performance. It could also decrease testosterone levels and this directly reduces the urge to have sex.

Common causes of poor sexual performance

In men, poor sexual performance can be linked to a number of factors.

These reasons could range from physical to psychological and might include the following: hormonal imbalances, smoking, congenital disorders like micropenis, performance anxiety, neurological disorders, stress, fatigue, neurological disorders, past sexual trauma, side effects of some drugs, excessive alcohol intake, and the age factor.

How age can influence sexual performance?

It’s often said that men experience their sexual peak at the age of eighteen years. From this point, it’s a downhill, so sometimes poor performance can be caused by aging. The reason is that as a man gets older, testosterone levels decline.

As you might have learned before, testosterone is the chemical responsible for sexual drive in men, which means low levels of the chemical would result in decreased interest in sex, hence poor sexual performance.

Everyone wants to satisfy their partner as this is what enhances the beauty of a relationship. However, poor sexual performance can wreck a relationship, which is why you should look for solutions early.

There are many reasons you might experience poor sexual performance include psychological and physical reasons like aging.

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Some of the solutions you could try to include first auditing your diet, embracing counseling to deal with psychological issues, and also including sexual enhancement supplements.

If you are overweight, also ensure to consider managing your weight as this also affects your sexual performance.

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