Five Questions You Must Ask Your Partner Concerning Sex


For you to have a successful relationship with your partner, even if you are not yet having sex, there are some major questions you need to go ahead and ask he/she about sex.

Maybe because of the way our minds have been shaped, many people find it difficult to relate with their partners on issues concerning sex and this has caused much more harm than good.

These issues have caused a lot of break-ups in relationships; because the relationship didn’t start on the right note initially. So if you intend to take or move to the next level in your relationship, then these are questions you must discuss with your partner.

1. What are your sexual fantasies or fetishes?

You asking this question means you care about him/her enough to want to please them so much in bed. Couples must most definitely discuss what their fantasies are. It helps build intimacy, openness, and the opportunity to try new things.

If you don’t discuss this before taking the next level in your relationship, it will be very unfair for you to spring up surprises on them on the bed. Rather, it will afford the both of you to explore new opportunities and better ways to even help you improve on your fantasy.

If you are into kinky sex, bandages and BDSM, it will be best you let your partner know before hand.

2. Discuss your sexual history

No matter how gross you think your sexual history is, it is preferable you tell your partner about it. If you had had a traumatic experience when it comes to sex, discuss it with your partner.

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If you have any medical condition or as a lady, you are frigid, let your partner know. That way, they are not confronted with any surprises.

3. Ask your partner if he or she wants to be in an open relationship or strictly relationship

Some people want to explore while they still have a partner and your partner just might be one of them while you always wanted an exclusive relationship. That’s why it is always good to discuss about these things so as to avoid misunderstandings.

4. How frequent sex should be?

This is a very important question to ask. We are not asking for you both to have a schedule but then it is best for you both to know how often you want the sex and probably how many rounds you can go at a time.

You may like sex a lot while she likes foreplay only. You are to also discuss this as well. This will help your partner know how to satisfy you better.

Having a deep knowledge about your wants and that of your partner will help You both enjoy sex the way you both want. Without this, resentment and hatred might begin to creep into the mind of one partner and that might be a huge problem.

5. Are there any sexual secrets lurking around?

You should be able to bare yourself to your partner most especially when it comes to sexual secrets. In order to have a healthy sexual relationship with your spouse, you have to be emotionally and sexually bear with your partner.

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Be open enough to be able to tell your partner the good, the bad, and the ugly concerning your sex life and your life in general.

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