Enjoy Your Sexual Life: 9 Tips for Women

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Many ladies out there always claim they don’t want a one-minute man but most usually run dry before the first 10 minutes of sexual intercourse and this is because of their lack of an active sexual libido.

Most ladies always almost get tired after their first orgasm many of which don’t last 5 minutes during sex and yet the man keeps up with an active sexual libido, but most women can’t keep up.

What exactly could be the problem? Well, this could be due to a very low sexual libido in the woman.

So, women, if you want to enjoy sex with your partner but you usually get frustrated because you don’t always enjoy it all the way most especially after the first orgasm, here are a few tips that has been discovered to help in this aspect.

Let’s not be ashamed about this and let’s discuss this, shall we? Highlighted below are some tips that you might find worth considering

Stop stressing about the sex

Most women even before having sex with their partners have begun stressing on if it is ever going to go well or not.

And with that, instead of getting to enjoy the process, we end up stressing and over-working ourselves. I would say this; stop stressing and get to enjoy the process with your partner.

Try foreplay

Foreplay is said to be an effective way to increase the libido. Enjoy the process and likewise engage in it. There is a certain pleasure gotten from engaging in foreplay. I mean get sexual with your partner. This will most likely increase your own arousal too and therefore lead to a great sexual release for you.

So, get in there and engage in the process of foreplay. Learn what gives you pleasure during sex and learn that of your partner, then discuss them with your partner. That way, you become more intimate with him or her without so much effort.

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Try communication

The reason as to why you may not be enjoying the sex with your partner may simply be because of lack of communication between you and your partner. Try communicating with him. Tell him how you want to be treated, tell him things you know you would like to hear during sex, tell him places you would like to be touched during sex.

Let there be communication between you two. There is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of if he isn’t an abusive or an inconsiderate partner, then I believe he would love you to derive pleasure as well as he is deriving pleasure. So, both of you should talk today, shall you?

Boost and increase yourself confidence

Some women are actually ashamed of their bodies and their capabilities in bed. The way you feel about your body will affect your thinking of sex and actually how would respond during sex. So, I would say, feel great about who you are and your body size. If you feel you need exercises, then go ahead and have at it.

Just do that which would make you feel great and confident again about your body structure and make sure you know if your partner is happy about how you look and appreciated you for it. But if you need to tweak some little changes, then go ahead and do it. Feel great about you and begin to enjoy the pleasures that sex can bring.

Loose or shed some weight

Whether we like it or not, our weights can actually affect how we respond during sexual activities. If it’s the extra weight that is preventing you from actually enjoying the sexual intimacy with your partner, then loose it.

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Cut back in all the sugary drinks and replace them with water and green tea. Start loving your vegetables and engage in taking whole grain cereals such as oatmeal and whole wheat bread. Before bed, take a very light dinner or snack to avoid having a bloated or an overly full stomach. You can cut back on the alcohol intake too and instead opt out for a single glass of wine.

Eat healthy

For one to be healthy, you need to eat healthy as well. If you are one to take in lots of cholesterol, you may have the tendency to have a low sexual drive.

When there is a high level of cholesterol in the blood, it can start building up in the arteries and thereby causing it to be also clogged up and remember, your pelvic area too has its own fair share of arteries and these arteries present in the pelvic area can also become clogged up and likewise restrict the flow of blood to the area.

This can lead to low vaginal lubrication arising from low sexual arousal and everything can just decide to go sideways from there. So, to prevent this, check what you take in and make some healthy changes now.

Create time to just be with your partner and enjoy your relationship

It is once said that a happy relationship will lead to a healthy and happy sex life. Take a walk around the park with your partner, go on a movie date with him or just play a game with him. This will increase the bond between you both and this can also improve your sexual drive and even your communication.

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Engage in yoga practices

Asides the fact that yoga helps make you incredibly flexible, it has been known to also increase the sexual drive of women. According to the journal of sex and marital therapy, yoga makes you more familiar with your body and it will also help you get in touch with the sensuality aspect of you.

Since it’s a form of exercise, there is an increase of blood flow around the body and your pelvic area isn’t excluded. It will help increase the rate of blood flow down there and thereby increase arousal and lubrication during sexual intercourse.

Make sure the stress of the day isn’t spoiling your mood or fun

There is a large tendency that when the stress of the day is weighing down on you, you would find it difficult to actually enjoy anything including sex.

So, before that sexual intercourse, ensure that you have actively relieved yourself from the days stress, had a cool shower and you are actually ready and strong enough to get down to enjoying sex with your partner. Ensure nothing is keeping or holding you back from enjoying the pleasure of sex with your partner.

In conclusion, sex is meant to be enjoyed by the both parties involved, and it isn’t meant to be one sided. So, take the appropriate actions today to ensure an increase in your own libido so that you also can enjoy the pleasures that it brings.

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