Top 10 Easter Sex Positions That You Must Try


What’s better than having sex on a holiday, where you have all the time to get under the sheets.

Yes! Easter is a christian celebration on Jesus’ death and resurrection, but it doesn’t hinder a dying relationship from resurrecting as well.

Good sex is a tested and trusted method of reviving a dying relationship. What do you think about sex positions for Easter?

Introducing a plethora of sex positions to try during Easter will not only revive your relationship but spice it up, make it fun and adventurous as well.

Don’t waste the holiday, its not only meant to keep off work and rest. Do something new this easter, spice things up, make  it funny, be adventurous.

Here is a list of easter sex positions to try during;

1. The wheelbarrow

This is a well known position, though, always a fantasy for men than making it a reality. Its for couples with stamina and strength, and also where the woman is smaller.

The man would have to support the woman while she wraps her legs and hands around his waist and neck. For more support and deeper penetration, she can rest her back on the wall.

This is an ideal sex position anytime and anywhere.

2. The reverse cowgirl

This position gives the woman full control of the movements and the tempo. The man lies on his back, she sits on him with her back facing him.

She rides along. A simple sex position anyone can do.

3. The lapping

This can be done on a couch or anywhere comfortable to sit on. The man sits on a chair and the woman sits on his lap.

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With her back to him, she can control the tempo, moving back and forth or any movement she deems fit.

He can use his hands to touch her breast and her clitoris. This a trusted sex position for pregnant women and tired men; they are not left out this easter.

4. The snail style

This involves the woman lying on her back and pulling her knee up to her chest. The man kneels and thrust his penis inside her while she rests her feet on his shoulders, he supports himself with his hands.

The penetration in this sex position is very deep, so it doesn’t require the man to bang fast.

5. The Doggy style

The doggy style is a very popular sex position, there’s no fun without this style. The woman stands on her four; her knee and her hands.

The man enters from behind and bangs. He can kneel or bend depending on the height of where the woman lies.

6. The Toad style

This style is ideal for slower pace lovemaking. The woman lies on her back with her legs open, the man lies between her legs and penetrates her slowly.

The woman can wrap her legs round him and control the pressure of his grinding for greater intimacy. She can press his bottom with her feet and wrap her hands round his back. This is pure lovemaking.

7. The padlock

In this sex style, the woman sits on a high place, maybe a washing machine, legs wide open,eans back and supports herself with her arm.

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The man stands in front of her to enter her, she wraps her legs round his waist for greater intimacy. Sweet loving.

8. The Stairmaster style

This style involves a staircase. If you’ve got a staircase, don’t let it waste this easter, its a sex venue. The woman kneels on one step while the man stands on a couple of steps lower and enters her from behind, holding on her hip as he penetrates.

9. The Visitor

This sex position is ideal for impromptu sex session. It dome standing, maybe in a public place, say e library, the shopping mall toilet or backyard, anywhere though.

The man and the woman stands facing each other, the stimulate her genitals with his penis before penetrating her.

It is more comfortable that they are both of the same height or if she wear a heel if the man is taller. Though, a table or the wall can support if their height is not same.

10.  The Slide

This sex position increases tightness and requires minimal effort. The woman lies on her back with her legs together, he man lies on top of her with his legs together.

He penetrates her as he slides up and down on her body. This easter is going to be different from other easter holidays.

I’d recommend the “wheelbarrow and the visitor style” for lover out there, you’d definitely love it.

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