Does Sex Still Sell Inspite of the #MeToo Era?

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In today’s world, trends are changing rapidly. Almost every aspect of life is different than they were some ten years ago.

Nevertheless, certain things remain the same regardless of what is happening and what is changing in the world.

Sex Sells

Sex sells, and this is a universal truth; no one is even ready to waste any time trying to debate this fact.

From things as sexy as lingerie two things as basic as the toothpaste, we use everyday marketing agencies and advertisers have been using sex for a long time to sell almost anything for as long as people get to see this marketing strategy.

We presently stand in an era of female empowerment. The average female you see walking on the street has a mind of her own, and she doesn’t want to be seen as a sex toy or exploited in any way.

No woman wants to go half naked just to sell a bow of ice cream it will be very annoying to see a size 0 model holding up an ice cream bar that she definitely cannot finish just because it is a marketing strategy.

The #MeToo trend has been around for a while now and with it came body positivity. A lot of women have begun to stand up for their rights not to be seen or considered as a sexual object by men who are gazing.

Even plus size women are learning to appreciate their bodies and standing up to say that they are all so beautiful and bold. This is a huge change to the beauty standards that have always made it seem like skinny women are the real deal.

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At the very top of this new revolution and redefinition of beauty standards as well as the revolution of selling sex in an era of body, positivity is the big bold and beautiful Ashley Graham.

Graham is a plus-size supermodel who has been working very closely with the swimsuits for all which is a company that offers swimsuits for females of all shapes and sizes.

Someone else who has been making waves in this time is Rihanna who has a lingerie product line called Savage X Fenty.

This lingerie line also caters for swimwear for women of different shapes and sizes. Young females from all around the world are regularly looking up to these Hollywood superstars for everything fashion.

These young women are always looking out for the dresses worn by celebrities even those that are extremely tight and cut off oxygen circulation from the bodies of some of these women.

It is very difficult for you to find a young person looking up fashion tips for plus-sized people because almost nobody is ready to design things for big-bodied women and that has become a significant challenge in this culture.

Someone else that should be talked about is Christian Siriano. Christian began as a contestant on the popular reality TV show – project runway and somehow made it big eventually. How Christian Siriano made it after his time on the reality show ended was inspiring to a lot of people.

Women in Hollywood who got rejected by other designers because of their body size went all the way to Christian Siriano to get stunning clothes that would make them grow on the red carpet.

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This is a niche that Christian was able to identify in the market and he took advantage of. Christian Siriano as revolution had a massive impact on the Hollywood community so much so that even men are beginning to catch the vibe of body positivity.

A lot of us to know billy porter for his amazing singing and acting and at the Oscars this year he made a giant statement by hosting in a Christian Siriano tuxedo ballgown.

The message Billy Porter was trying to pass across was that if women could show up putting on a tuxedo and be considered as empowered and men can wear dresses and get as many positive reactions as is possible.

During an interview with Vogue magazine reporter give an explanation to the general public saying “my goal is to be a walking piece of political heart every time I show up to challenge expectations what is masculinity what does that mean women show up every day in pants but the minute a man wears a dress the seas part”.

Finally cosmopolitan had to take things in a notch higher and surprise the world in the past year by featuring super plus-size model, Tess holiday on its cover for the October 2018 issue.

Tess Holliday is a model who has been preaching body positivity for a long time now back in 2013 she was saying sharing her ideas and thoughts on body positivity using her Instagram hashtag #effyourbeautystandards.

Despite all the positivity fever everyone seems to be catching around there is one thing that is still not changed, and that is sex remaining a selling point.

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From what we see sex is in no time going to stop selling because it is still everywhere on the catalogues of Ralph Lauren on the billboards around you and even to the body positive poses of people around you and the ones you see on TV.

Be sure to still see a whole lot of sexual content on the runway of the new york fashion week, on sports magazines, and even in comic books.

The human mind has been conditioned to be attracted by anything that would give it sexual gratification regardless of how hard we try to ignore.

This fact is that it is almost impossible to not sell sex because there is no way it will stop being appealing and attractive to customers of all ages. Sexual desire is something that we are born with and can’t get rid of even with all the advancement and breakthroughs our world is experiencing.

A few years ago, a coffin Maker in Asia used size zero models for his coffin adverts and the entire world was in a rage. However, the uproar didn’t stop this Asian man from selling, it instead drew more attention to his business (which was the purpose of the advert in the first place).

Bottom line, sex still sells even in the era of the #MeToo movement and that might never change.

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