Choosing the Best Mattress for Sex and Sleep

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Sleeping on a good mattress is very vital as it guarantees a good sleep. However, it is sometimes difficult getting a mattress that best fits your snooze description.

The confusion tends to happen when the options in the mattress market are numerous, where do you begin picking one from?

The size?

The Length? And other factors. Choosing a mattress depends solely on a couple of factors in ensuring a restful night. Some factors to consider when picking a mattress include;

The size of the room

The size of the room the mattress is to occupy goes a long way in deciding the best mattress to pick. If a place is not big enough, a bed that best fit into the room to allow easy and free movement in the room is advised. Choking a small room with a large-sized mattress only deters mobility.

A number of people to occupy the bed

If you have a partner, or you intend sharing your mattress space with another individual; a bigger mattress is needed to ensure good sleep.

A mattress with enough bed space gives room for you and your partner to twist, turn and roll as much as you want without interfering with the other person you are sharing your space with.

The length of your room from the ceiling

It’s best to know the measurement of your roof to the floor of your room when considering a mattress in your home. If the floor of your home is not too far from your ceiling, then it is wise to consider a lower bed.

It reduces the risk of having to hit your head on a fan, or a chandelier. It also reduces the risk of having a toddler falling off the bed if the mattress isn’t so high.

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For better sex

It is particularly discomforting when the sides of a mattress are higher than the centre spot or other corners, causing shifts in the shape of the bed.

Having different levels on a mattress may disrupt couples need to copulate, or physical intimacy as it causes an imbalance on the body.

Consider a mattress that helps support your back, Support the way you sleep and also withstand the different sexual positions you might be trying.

Positions like doggy, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and more would do well on a well-balanced and sturdy mattress. Also, ensure the material in making the mattress wouldn’t cause heat when you lay on it.


Nobody wants to have beads of sweat gathered on their body while they sleep. Ensure your bed is positioned in a well-ventilated area to ensure your body gets enough air it needs. Consider the position of your mattress close to the Air conditioner, fan or window.

Putting these in check when picking a mattress ensures a good night sleep for you and your partner. See your doctor for the best bed advice.

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