8 Benefits of a Healthy Sex Life

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Healthy sex life is important to the overall health of the body and mind. There are many reasons that sex is beneficial, besides strengthening a bond and relationship with your partner.

A healthy sex life can improve your body’s functionality. Let’s take a look.

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Immune system

Your immune system is your body’s way of fighting off harmful diseases and infections. They are your bodyguards. During the winter and flu season, your immune system is what will help you heal.

There are tons of ways to increase your immune system like, vitamins, sunshine, drinking water, and sex. Sex increases the number of antibodies that are responsible for fighting colds and the flu.

Helps Women with Bladder Control

Bladder control can be a problem for many women, especially after childbirth. Incontinence occurs because the pelvic floor muscles have been weakened. Sexual intercourse strengthens those muscles by exercising them.

Lowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is becoming a problem. Millions of Americans have high blood pressure. Sexual intercourse has been proven to lower systolic blood pressure. Studies have found that masturbation does not decrease blood pressure, however, it does reduce stress levels.

Increases Libido

There are many things on the market to increase libido, like medications, supplements, creams, and even food. One of the best, and the most natural way, is sexual intercourse. Sex increases vaginal lubrication and increases blood flow.

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Burns calories

Sex counts as exercise. It isn’t as good as going for a run, but it does burn about five calories per minute. Sex gives your muscles and heart a workout.

Decreases Risk of Heart Attack

Studies have shown that a man with a healthy sex life has half the risk of a heart attack. Intercourse once or twice a week is considered a healthy amount. Sex helps balance hormones in men and women that play a huge role in your body’s health.

Helps with Sleep

If you’re having trouble sleeping, don’t reach for medication, have sex. Orgasms naturally produce prolactin. Prolactin causes you to feel sleepy and relaxed. Studies found that women produce more estrogen after sex. That positively affects women’s REM cycle.

Reduces Stress

Sex reduces your stress level a few ways. Sex causes a positive chain reaction. First, intercourse and affection causes your body to release hormones that make you feel happy. Studies have shown that couples that are closer and more intimate have better relationships.

Better relationships cause increased self-esteem. Next, intercourse causes your brain to release chemicals that are responsible for your sense of pleasure and your feelings of reward. All of which reduce stress and anxiety.

Sex is a great way to increase your relationship with your partner. It can cause physical reactions that make you have feelings of happiness. Not only does intercourse cause your mood to increase, but it can improve the overall health of your body.

It naturally decreases blood pressure and risk or heart attack. It improves pelvic muscles, sleep, immune system, and stress level. There are many benefits of having a healthy sex life.

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