8 Reasons Why Sex Might Hurt

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Sex is supposed to make your toes curl and have you arching your back in pleasure, groaning or making funny faces because you’re in pain and you just have to endure so your partner doesn’t feel bad.

It is true that a lot of women go through pain when they have sex, but they pretend about it and hate to discuss it.

Whether it’s a mild pain or a severe one, the fact remains that painful sex is unhealthy and could be caused by some not so cool reasons.

It could also be a sign that you have a medical condition that you have to check out immediately.

It is advisable that you complain to your doctor if you have pains during sex.

And if you have seen your doctor regarding the issue before and he or she wasn’t helpful, see a different doctor and make sure to be completely honest when laying you complain.

Leaving out important details because you feel she will not help your doctor give you the best of medical help.

The following might be the reason why you are having pains during sex.

1. STI and other medical conditions

Sexually transmitted infections can lead to pains during sex. Some medical conditions like inflammation caused by yeast infections and vaginitis are also possible causes of pain during intercourse “There are also structural defects that cause pain and may ultimately require surgery, such as a tilted uterus,” says OB-GYN Dr M. Burch. And sometimes, a uterine fibroid, ovarian cysts, bladder infections, and endometriosis can cause.

2. Your Hormones might be playing with you

You might be having a dry vagina as a result of a drop in your estrogen level. Menopause, medications, or even stress can lead to vagina dryness.

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You still have to see a medical practitioner if you feel the problem is a drop in your estrogen level.

You might have to get a hormone replacement therapy or have a change in lifestyle. Whatever the case may be, your doctor is in the best position to tell you what solution would be perfect for your condition.

3. The sex position isn’t right for you

Every woman’s body is different in its unique way so do not expect that all sex positions are going to be enjoyable for you. If you can’t do the cowgirl position without feeling pains, try out some other place that just might work better for you.

Also, If your partner has a bent penis, you might want to have a talk with him about how certain sex positions make you uncomfortable and how some other styles might be painless and more comfortable.

5. You don’t use enough lube

The thought of using lube may make you feel funny because your vagina is supposed to lubricate its self. The truth is if you experience vagina dryness for any reason you need to get a lubricant and you will be shocked at how much lubes work wonders.

Purchase a lubricant that is close to the natural pH balance so that you do not have to deal with allergic reactions. Keep in mind that water isn’t a lubricant and saliva.

6. Your partner’s penis might be too big

Not all ladies like the download huge but then, most guys would give anything to have a big penis. If you are with a man whose penis is on the big side, don’t think of running away if your body is finding it hard to adjust to his size.

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There are sex positions that can make intercourse with someone like your partner more comfortable and enjoyable. Search for these positions and use them to your advantage.

7. You are handling your vagina wrongly

I know every lady wants to be clean both inside and out, but the vagina is self-cleaning so washing it with soap and douching is not advisable. These so-called hygiene practices put you at risk of having some vagina infections that will eventually make sex painful. One of the diseases you might have to deal with is bacterial vaginosis.

8. You may be emotionally absent

It is possible to have sex with someone, and you experience physical pain because you are emotionally disconnected from the person. If you realise that your relationship isn’t working for you or you are being abused, find a way to get out of such a relationship. You need to be in a right state of mind to enjoy sexual relations with anyone.

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