7 Mind-blowing Winter Sex Tips

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It is quite easy to get into the sexy zone when the sun is shining, and you also believe that the fewer items of clothing you have on, the better.

But for a great percentage of dating-and married couples, their sex lives automatically take a nosedive the very second temperatures drop ( Oops! Frozen). 

Hey! snuggling under the blanket is welcome at all times, but the time and energy it may require for you to warm up and get yourself in the right mood for intimacy can sometimes be arduous and not even worth the trouble.

Luckily for the rest of you and us, there are a few sex tricks that were specially made for winter lovemaking. So, now is the best time to brew some tea, grab yourself a pair of sexy knee-high socks, and get set for the most exciting winter or harmattan season of your life.

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1. Wear socks during the cold season for a better orgasm

The main emphasis during the cold part of the year should be on wearing a beautiful pair of warm knee-high socks or even thigh-high stockings.

Simply opt for anything that will make your feet feel warm and toasty. Do you wonder why? There is actually a science-backed explanation for that. It has finally been proven by science that when a woman has her feet warm, she has an even greater chance of reaching climax sex.

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This probably explains why it is easier to make a woman climax in summer than it is in winter. In the colder months, the only way to achieve this is to put on a pair of socks.

An added advantage of wearing long socks in winter is the sexiness that comes with them.

2. Drink hot tea right before oral sex

Here is one of the really fun tricks you can play on your partner in the colder months. Brew a cup of green tea or hot chocolate and carry it into the love den.

He’ll simply assume you’re preparing to spend a peaceful, cozy night on the couch, and probably want to see a movie and fall asleep.

But then, what you will do is take a drink, simply swoosh it around your mouth, and bend to give your partner the best head ( oral sex) experience of his motherfucking life.

The feeling of a hot or warm mouth on the private part works wonders for both men and women. If you think the nipples are an easy target, then gun for them with your warm mouth.

3. Make that tea the peppermint variant

Apparently, we can’t stop the tea from being the winter gift that just keeps on giving. Drinking peppermint tea right before you go down on your partner will leave them with a tingly sensation to instantly drive him/her crazy.

4. Dare to Leave the blinds open

Not only will leaving the blinds open enhance exciting feelings ( the thought of what would happen if a neighbor caught you having sex?!), but sex in the winter with your window blinds open, and the bright shiny sun streaming through can easily change your body chemistry.

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Naturally, testosterone levels may drop during the winter, but with a little sunlight, your libido may just be pumped or invigorated enough for the bed games. Besides, men find their ladies more attractive in winter.

5. Get right to spooning

There are so many sex positions for different seasons and even times of the day. But when it comes to winter sex, there are few sex positions that are better than spooning, which will keep both partners warm and toasty.

The thought of winter comes with the need for layered clothing and a fireplace to give us warmth. However, when in the spoon position, there is a kind of intimacy and symbiotic connection because you both need to stay warm.

You share body heat, and also derive pleasure from your organs doing the back and forth motion. Besides, there’s enough room for the big spoon to grab some flesh and touch the small spoon in sensitive places. 

6. Getting dirty can be clean

You may have already heard that your dryer is a pretty nifty machine when it comes to delivering clean and dry clothes, as well as orgasms.

As an extra addition to the amazing vibrations it gives off, no one can also deny how pleasurable the warmth of it can be when the weather outside is cold.

When next you think about a dope quickie, the best place to do it is on top of the drier.

7. Oil up for a shiny sexy time

Warming oils are sure to feel soothing on the body for both of you. You get a chance to create a pleasurable sensation when the weather outside is cold and smell amazing.

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Why don’t you give your partner a sexy massage and see how far it takes you?

There is a wide variety of beautiful smelling warming oils that you can opt for, including pine, eucalyptus, cypress, orange, ginger, and more.

However, it is important to be careful where you use the oils and how you use them as some people may react to certain oils.

Alright, we know that winter is the worse time to have those sexy body parts in the open, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting turned on by your partner.

Try these tips we have shared with you here, and see where the cold takes you and your lover.

Oh! There’s so much you can also do under the sheets in the winter months, and you’ll find some of the best sex positions on this blog.

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