4 Things Semen Swallowing Can Do to You


A lot of women do swallow semen of their men. Several others do not swallow it. Different factors could be responsible for this. Semen could be disgusting. Some people associate it with taboo, while others do not take it for fear associated with it.

Whatever might be your reasons for taking or refuse to take semen, it is important you know it what it could do to your body when you swallow sperm.

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1. It can cause diarrhoea

If you are passionate about eating your partner’s semen, you might end in the toilet. This is because sperm can cause diarrhoea. Semen contains prostaglandins, which is capable of softening the muscle of the intestine. This in turn leads to diarrhoea.

2. Contains different nutrients


Semen contains different nutrients. If you lack nutrients, because you hate veggies, load of semen can change the situation. Semen has sufficient quantities of proteins, amino acids as sugar, vitamin C, and calcium. You get plenty of these when you swallow semen.

3. It causes illness


Sperm can contain diseases. To avoid that, you have to use a condom. If you swallow those diseases, you can end in hospital, because it can cause severe illness.

4. It prevents cancer


Research has shown that semen can prevent cancer. This means that those women who swallow it have greater chances of suffering from cancer. Semen also contains important ingredients like selenium. This can fight cancer.

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What do you think of these revelations? Semen has positive and negative effects. The choice is yours.

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