10 Easy Ways to Have Better Orgasm


There is no greater feeling one can feel that bets the feeling one has when having orgasm. Apart from the fact that the feeling cannot be described by any word it also has some health benefits to the human body. It can be so much enjoyed either when you are alone or with a partner and will instantly change your mood.

There are so many ways to spice up the whole experience that is by making it even longer and more enjoyable and here are some of the tips to consider when you want to have a blast.

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The trick is in wanking

The more you masturbate the more you are connected to your body and in the presence make one know what feels good about them and what does not.

This will go a long way in helping your sex life with the partner as you will be able to let know what to do to make you tick and enjoy the whole experience together. That is why it is encouraged to masturbate more often.


This applies more often when you want to have a blast with your partner. More often when you are having sex it is encouraging to experiment with different position and style just to spice up the whole experience.

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This is better than just the routine missionary sex life. This is the process will help both you and your partner to reach the much-desired orgasm. This can also be made more fun by doing it in different places and not just the bedroom.

Make use of the whole house even the storage space and you will be surprised how the whole experience that sounds weird is so much fun.

Sex without foreplay is no sex

It is wise to encourage one another to have more foreplay when having sex. As you know for orgasm to happen both vasocongestion and myotonia has to happen simultaneously.

This will make both the two of you have one of a lifetime experiences when you prolong the whole thing by more foreplay.

This should be so much encouraged and if your partner does not feel like having more foreplay then something should be wrong, and you might consider changing who to enjoy this amazing experience with.

Do what is what is more important first

When your needs are met in the bed before anything else, that is what is the best recipe for having an orgasm much more quickly.

There is nothing that is so discouraging than having sex with a partner who just does his thing and rolls over to sleep not even factoring what you are feeling. Make sure your need is met at the most time.

The secret is in the Exercise

Yes, is true that there are so many exercises out the, but sex is also a very good mode of exercise too. The whole experience of having sex can be stimulated by having some more exercise beforehand as it will not only increase the blood flow the genitals but will also increase your eagerness to have sex.

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It has been scientifically proven that sports and anticipation for competition have played a more role in increasing testosterone in women and it the process of raising their libidos.

Do not be in a hurry

When you really want to have your orgasm one of the experiences to remember most of the time is always to delay the coming when you are almost. When you delay the whole process especially when you are edging to it will encourage both partners to go for more and enjoy the experience.

This can be done for both partner or even using your tool so many times until when you decide to let go and you will have a super orgasm in the end.


Most of us find that sex is something as is so sacred and should only be done in a very secluded place where there is no chance of anyone seeing you.

To some extent that is true but not so much fun than when you take a risk and try it in some public area where you are sure of not being caught as public indecency. So, it safe in a public place once in a while and you will not regret it.

When you do not have a choice nut only do it in the confine of your room then make it enjoyable by role-playing while doing it.

Do not overindulge

It is very important to differentiate what you see in some of the porn and what is realistic in life. There is a very little percentage of woman who will climax by just penetration alone and without involving the clit. Make sure that you get the clit much more involved in the process and your partner should also be aware and use the figure to simulate the clitoris.

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Dirty talking

Especially when having masturbation, it is important to treat yourself the way you will want your parent to treat you. Try talking dirty to yourself and make noise at the same time.

You should always remind yourself how hot you are and the way you want to have it more. Another great tip is trying to masturbate in front of a mirror as this will encourage you and, in the process, have a very good orgasm.

Sex toys

You will realize that there is so many sex toys out there in the market to experiment with. Take a good amount of time and check through all of them and find out what will suit both you and your partner.

As soon as you find what will work for you the better the whole experience will be. If one is not familiar with the toys have some time with yourselves and review them and get one that is ranked the best for beginners.

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